2016 Edmonton Open: Players


Total Number of Players = 124

Average Age = 41 years

Oldest = 87 years

Youngest = 7 years

# Players Under 18 years = 23

Average Rating = 661

Highest Rating = 3540

# Players, Rating >1000 = 31

Our Players – Where They’re From

Edmonton = 102

Calgary = 13

Grande Prairie = 6

St. Albert = 1

Wetaskiwin (cars cost less) = 1

Sherwood Park = 1

The 2016 Edmonton Open Table Tennis Championships happened on September 3rd and 4th at the University of Alberta’s Saville Community Sports Centre.  The Edmonton Open is an annual tournament organized to Table Tennis Canada’s (TTCAN) 3-star standard and is hosted and run entirely by volunteers of the Edmonton Table Tennis Club (ETTC).

Photos Courtesy of Allan Yip

About J. Kim

Writing about #YEG table tennis happenings. Former nuclear submariner and avid table tennis player. Play ping pong & participate in the world's most popular sport.
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