2016 Edmonton Open: Officials


2016 Edmonton Open Table Tennis Championships:  Officiating Crew

Left to Right:  Harry Parenteau (Referee – Nationally Certified), Jonathan Lau (Deputy Referee – Nationally Certified), Hope Xing (Umpire – Nationally Certified), Kam Kong (Umpire – Nationally Certified), Lai Chu Kong (Umpire, Internationally Certified), John Gunraj (Umpire – Nationally Certified), Moe Erbas (Chief Umpire – Internationally Certified), Don Chan (Umpire – Provincially Certified)

Duties of the Referee:  Decide any question of rule interpretation, on which he or she is the sole authority, and generally to ensure that the competition is conducted in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.  Also is responsible for the appointment of match officials.

Duties of the Umpire:  Decide the result of each rally and from time to time exercise judgment in the application of the laws and regulations of table tennis.  Makes final decisions on all questions of fact that arise during a match and is responsible for timing the duration of play.

The 2016 Edmonton Open Table Tennis Championships happened on September 3rd and 4th at the University of Alberta’s Saville Community Sports Centre.  The Edmonton Open is an annual tournament organized to Table Tennis Canada’s (TTCAN) 3-star standard and is hosted and run entirely by volunteers of the Edmonton Table Tennis Club (ETTC).

Photo Courtesy of Allan Yip

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