2015 Edmonton Open: Everything


This is a table of contents (with links) for everything about the 2015 Edmonton Open.  All the things we reported on – our players, volunteers, officials, venue, sponsors – and of course video highlights of all the great table tennis on display at our annual tournament.  Once again thank you to everyone for your support.  You’ve made the 2015 Edmonton Open a memorable event.  See you next year!

(1)  A Symphony Of Sound:  Table Tennis In 3 Movements (Shout/Jump/1812 Overture)

(2)  The Lighter Side:  HA-HA-HA-HA-HA! (Wooly Bully)

(3)  Three, Two & One-Hit Wonders:  Winning Efficiently (I Feel Love)

(4)  The Best Of The Rest:  Great Plays NOT In The Top 10 (Barbra Streisand)

(5)  Top 10 Best Plays:  Cream Of The Crop (Daybreak)

(6)  Media Roundup:  Coverage In The Edmonton News

(7)  The 55th Championship Final:  Kenny vs Ioulia (Final Countdown)

(8)  Net & Racquet Inspections:  Pre-Match Once Over By Our Officials

(9)  Open Singles Semi-Finals:  Kenny vs George and Ioulia vs Ashkan (Applause)

(10)  Highlights, Day 2:  Open Singles, Round Robins to Quarterfinals (Pressure Drop)

(11)  Highlights, Day 2:  Junior Novice (Pumped up Kicks)

(12)  Highlights, Day 1/Part 4:  U15, U18, Over 50 & 60 (Don’t Stop Me Now)

(13)  Highlights, Day 1/Part 3:  U200 & U1200 (Walk Of Life)

(14)  Highlights, Day 1/Part 2:  U500, U900, Over 70, WM Masters (Dog Days Are Over)

(15)  Highlights, Day 1/Part 1:  U300, U600, U1800 & Over 40 (Blinded By The Light)

(16)  Results:  Who Won What

(17)  Butterfly:  Post-Tourney Shout-Out to Our Official Ball Sponsor

(18)  Our Sponsors:  Post Tourney Shout-Out

(19)  Good Times At Buffet Royale:  Dinner

(20)  Yukon Junior Team:  Neighbors From The North

(21)  Minister Eggen & MLA Dang:  Guests Of Honour

(22)  The Venue:  Where We Played

(23)  You, The Official:  People Who Kept Us In Line

(24)  You, The Volunteer:  People Who Selflessly Gave

(25)  You, The Player:  People Who Played

(26)  Your Guide:  Pre-Tourney Information

(27)  Media Advisory:  Info To Edmonton Media

(28)  Vinomania:  Return Of Our Sponsor

(29)  Butterfly:  Return Of Our Official Ball Sponsor

(30)  Yong Qiang Chartered Accountant:  New Sponsor

(31)  Ellefson Construction & Triple Star:  Return Of Our Sponsor

(32)  Table Tennis Express:  Return Of Our Sponsor

(33)  NBT Group:  New Sponsor

(34)  Iconoclast Coffee:  New Sponsor

(35)  15 Fun Facts:  Betcha Didn’t Know…

(36)  Skill Levels & Ratings:  What Ratings Mean

(37)  Social Media Guide:  Facebook, Twitter, Youtube & Instagram

(38)  Accommodation:  Where To Stay

(39)  Equipment:  Tables, Floor, Lighting & Balls

(40)  Rules, Eligibility & Formats:  Tournament Structure

(41)  Schedule & Prize Money:  Events & Show Me The Money

(42)  Registration & General Info:  Announcing Our Tournament

*     *     *     *     *

The 2015 Edmonton Open Table Tennis Championships took place September 5 and 6 at the Saville Community Sports Centre.  The Edmonton Open is an annual tournament organized to Table Tennis Canada’s (TTCAN) 3-star standard and is hosted and run entirely by volunteers of the Edmonton Table Tennis Club (ETTC).

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Writing about #YEG table tennis happenings. Former nuclear submariner and avid table tennis player. Play ping pong & participate in the world's most popular sport.
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