2015 Edmonton Open: Skill Levels & Ratings – What To Expect

IMG_3496If you have not registered yet for the 2015 Edmonton Open, you can visit our website or get more information here.  If you are new to competitive table tennis or new to playing table tennis at a tournament, you may be wondering what event you should enter.  While perusing our list of events, you may have noticed that they are designated with titles such as “U300”, “U1800” and “Open Singles”.  In order to help you with understanding what this all means, let’s delve into a brief discussion of the table tennis rating system used in Canada.  For an event designated as “U1800” the “U” stands for “Under” and the “1800” is a numerical rating calculated and published by Table Tennis Canada (TTCAN).  Players competing in an event designated as “Open” can have any rating or no rating at all, so it is open to all players.  Canada TT Ratings

A player in the U1800 category has a TTCAN rating below 1800.  For comparison purposes, the top ranked Canadian table tennis player is Eugene Zhen Wang with a rating (as of 7/28/15) of 4005.  The numerical rating system can give a player a sense for relative skill level.  If you have a TTCAN rating, you can look it up at their ratings page.  How does this help you figure out what event you should enter?  Let’s start off with this:  If you are a novice and never have played in a table tennis tournament, then I would suggest you enter the U200 and/or U300 events..  Or if you think you are better than the average Adult Novice but are unsure what rating you should be placed in, you can visit our club, practice or play with a few of our more skilled members and get a sense for what rating level you should be playing at.  Of course, there is nothing better than watching your competition and gauging for yourself how you think you might compare to their level of skill.  Here are a series of video highlights from the 2014 Edmonton Open of players in various ratings:

U300, U600, U2000 Doubles and ETTC Members Only:

U500, U900, U1800 and Adult Novice categories:

U200, U1800 and U2400 categories:

Open Doubles and Age Group events (40+, 50+, 60+):

Junior Novice, Women’s Masters and early Open Singles rounds:

Hopefully these videos give you some idea of the relative skill levels that you may encounter at the 2015 Edmonton Open.  If you are in doubt, ask us a question in the comments below or come on out to one of our practice sessions at the Saville Centre and let one of our experienced members assess your skill level.  See you at the 2015 Edmonton Open!

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The 2015 Edmonton Open Table Tennis Championships takes place September 5th and 6th at the University of Alberta’s Saville Community Sports Centre.  The Edmonton Open is an annual tournament organized to Table Tennis Canada’s (TTCAN) 3-star standard and is hosted and run entirely by volunteers of the Edmonton Table Tennis Club (ETTC).  You can register for the tournament at our website or visit this link.

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