Edmonton Table Tennis: From The Archives

Throughout the years, our club and our members have been featured in local newspaper articles with reports on local, provincial and national level competition.  Here are a few of those pieces.  A special thank you to Judy Ellefson for tirelessly collecting these articles from various Edmonton-based archives.

From the City of Edmonton’s archives, a mid-1930’s report appearing in a local newspaper about the nascent Edmonton Table Tennis Association:

1935Table tennis in Edmonton was in its heyday in the 1950’s and 1960’s.  The Edmonton Table Tennis Association served as an umbrella organization for local clubs in the region, organizing tournaments such as the Edmonton Open as well as other functions.  From the City of Edmonton’s archives, here’s a report of tournament results, which includes familiar names such as Saul Glin and other past champions:


More photos from the 1950’s and 60’s of the table tennis scene in Edmonton, courtesy of the City of Edmonton’s archives:

City Of Edmonton ArchivesFrom the Edmonton Journal on April 11, 1980, three Edmonton area table tennis players are featured in ‘Amateurs in Action’.  These three played at the ACT Club at Rundle Park:

1980Also from the April 11, 1980 edition of the Edmonton Journal:

1982A 1985 Edmonton Journal article on teen table tennis sensation and former Edmonton Table Tennis Club member Cathy Chu:

1988The 1996 North American Table Tennis Championships took place in Edmonton and former Edmonton Table Tennis Club member Iwa Kong was a top competitor at the time.  A 1996 Edmonton Journal article talks about Iwa Kong as well as her parents, Kam and Lai Chu Kong and their involvement in table tennis.  Kam and Lai Chu are current members of Edmonton Table Tennis Club:

1996A 2002 Edmonton Examiner article discussing the history of table tennis as well as its appeal to the masses as a recreational past time:


About J. Kim

Writing about #YEG table tennis happenings. Former nuclear submariner and avid table tennis player. Play ping pong & participate in the world's most popular sport.
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4 Responses to Edmonton Table Tennis: From The Archives

  1. Cathy Chang says:

    Hello Mr. Kim,

    On a whim, I decided to google myself using my maiden name + table tennis, curious to see what would come up. What a lovely surprise to find a recent Blog Post from ETTC: From the Archives.

    What fun it was to read about the history of the club and to find two Edmonton Journal articles about me that I truly cherished while I was growing up within your post. I was also saddened to read about the passing of Dr. JT Tseng and Mr. Norman Main. I remember them fondly.
    I started playing at Rundle Park in 1979/80, the Club’s first year at Rundle Park, to the 1987/88 season. I moved away to Vancouver to attend SFU the following year and have been out here ever since.

    I had an opportunity to visit Edmonton in 2013 and dropped by on a Friday night and was delighted to reconnect with many players who continue/return to play: Richard Mah, Carleton Douglas, Francis Patl, John Gunraj, Peter Wong, Don Chan and Dr. Tseng to name a few along with a my former coach – Mr. LiPing Huang. It’s really great to see how much the sport and the club have grown over the intervening 25 years.

    Thanks for the work you do in capturing the history and evolution of the sport and the club and the trip down memory lane.

    I offer corrections on dates of the articles:
    Photos from “Amateurs in Action” in April 11,1980 accompanied the article “Table tennis a technician’s game”/”Early Start for Table Tennis Champ”
    The article “Cathy wins in lightning fast game” came out December 1985, not 1988

    • J. Kim says:

      Cathy, thank you for taking interest in the Edmonton Table Tennis Club blog. I’m glad you enjoyed reading about our club and a lot of the names you mentioned above…many are still with our club today. I have made corrections to the dates of the articles. If you are ever in Edmonton again, please be sure to drop by!

  2. Ed Lo says:

    Hello J.Kim, i was having a nostalgic moment and googled Canadian table tennis.Your article brought back many great memories for me, Even though i played for B.C., i remembered fondly of many tournaments hanging out and playing against Chris and Cathy Chu. I was very introverted back in those days but they were always very friendly to me.For that, i am forever grateful.Great to hear that Richard Mah is still playing .Hong Mar taught me a lesson on how to lose badly when i was 8 years old.I am almost a senior now but i find it amazing how my life has been shaped around the principles of table tennis even though i have not played since 1988.
    Thank you for an excellent blog

    Ed Lo

    • J. Kim says:

      Ed, thank you for finding your way to our club’s blog. And thanks for the kind words and glad you enjoyed the article and photos.

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