ETTC Donates To Bissell Centre

Over the years, members of Edmonton Table Tennis Club (ETTC) have helped the needy, wherever they may be.  In the wake of the tragic 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan, we took up a collection and made donations.  Closer to home right here in Edmonton, on June 21, 2014 the Bissell Centre’s temporary thrift shoppe on 118th Avenue was destroyed by a fire, resulting in the loss of all clothing and other basic necessities at that location.  The Bissell Centre asked Edmontonians to donate and many rallied to the call, including a lot of our members at Edmonton Table Tennis Club.  Our members donated much needed items such as shirts, shoes, socks, underwear, jackets, trousers, purses, backpacks, gym bags, luggage and more.  After taking up a collection for several weeks at our practice sessions, we made the donations to Bissell Centre’s drop off location at 8818 118th Avenue.

Bissell Centre DonationsThe Bissell Centre’s mission is “to work with others to move from poverty to prosperity and enable people to meet their own basic daily needs, participate in community, have sustainable livelihoods, feel hope for the future and make plans for a prosperous life.”  We’re happy to have been a small part in helping our fellow Edmontonians live a better life.  If you wish to donate to the Bissell Centre, you can do so here, or donate to any one of the many Edmonton-based charitable organizations.

Photos Courtesy of Edmonton Table Tennis Club

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Writing about #YEG table tennis happenings. Former nuclear submariner and avid table tennis player. Play ping pong & participate in the world's most popular sport.
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