Drill Your Skills with Team China (Part 7): Penhold Serve

DYS Stiga

Way back in Part 1 of this series, we discussed the importance of a good serve and how it can lead to setting up a third ball finish.  We continue with more on serves, this time using penhold techniques.  A penhold grip (compared to shakehand) allows more wrist flexibility and therefore makes it easier to impart spin on the ball during service and does not require a momentary change in grip when transitioning from serve to the follow up strokes.  Study the technique of a Team China member, as he executes three different penhold serves:

Video Courtesy of Stiga

Here are the sections of the above video, in case you want to skip ahead: (0:09) Introduction;  (1:38) Underspin;  (4:11) Sidespin;  (6:45) Reverse Sidespin.

Ma Lin is widely recognized as one of the greatest penhold table tennis players of all time.  One of the many elements of his success is his mastery of the various penhold serves.  Watch Ma Lin absolutely school Zhang Jike with a deceptive serve at their the 2011 China Super League match.  Check out this Ma Lin practice serve (the first one) and figure out how the heck you would return it.

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