Drill Your Skills with Team China (Part 5): Backhand Receive

DYS Stiga

We’ve been saying this loud and clear throughout the “Drill You Skills” series that diversifying your skill set is important so that you do not become predictable.  At all levels of play, table tennis serves are mostly directed at an opponent’s backhand side, because it is assumed (correctly) that this is the weaker side.  Rather than use the same backhand chop or push to receive the serve, incorporate new backhand receive techniques to keep your game fresh and your opponent guessing.  Here’s a Team China member demonstrating different backhand receive techniques:Video Courtesy of Stiga

Of all the table tennis skills to learn, the second one (backhand flick), in my opinion is one of the hardest to master and is a high level skill set apparent only in very experienced players.  All the top professionals execute this skill with regularity.  For examples of this technique, check out Fan Zhendong and Dimitrij Ovtcharov.  And because reverse penhold backhand is so hard to master, take a look at Xu Xin and Wang Hao execute this technique to perfection.

If you’d like to view a particular section of today’s training series video: (0:59) Long & Short Push;  (2:56) Flick Rececive;  (4:53) Receive Long Underspin;  (6:06) Backhand Topspin Fundamentals.  To view the previous training series videos: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.

Oh, and one more thing:  Register for the 2014 Edmonton Open Table Tennis Championships.  Do it right HERE.

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