Edmonton Table Tennis Club: Who We Are

Did You Know…

that the success of Edmonton Table Tennis Club (ETTC) rests upon the foundation of the diversity of its members?  This is who we are:

210 members strong, we are 40% Seniors (>60yrs), 47% Adults (18-60yrs) and 13% Students/Juniors (<18yrs).  Some are beginners, others are former professional players and nationally ranked.  A few members are as young as 10 years old and several are over 80.  We have a number of families, with some that are into their second and third generation of players.

ETTC DiversityOur members have hailed from places such as Canada, India, Guyana, United States, Chile, China, Australia, Mauritius, England, Colombia, Burundi, Russia, Fiji, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Venezuela, Korea, Poland, Ukraine, Pakistan, Japan, Afghanistan, Hong Kong, Israel, Kazakhstan, Singapore, Philippines, Uzbekistan, Iran, Jamaica, Sri Lanka, Syria, France, Kenya and Serbia, to name a few.

Our members represent a wide variety of professions:  Consultant, Janitor, Psychologist, Letter Carrier, Carpenter, Nuclear Plant Operator, IT Specialist, Property Manager, Olympic Athlete, Accountant, Teacher, Small Business Owner, Baker, Doctor, Professor, Chef, Real Estate Agent, Window Washer, Principal, Mechanical Engineer, Nurse, Engineering Technologist, Military, Professional Coach and many others.

*     *     *

Edmonton Table Tennis Club (ETTC) is a non-profit society managed entirely by a volunteer board of directors.  We are steadfast advocates for the sport of table tennis in Alberta, providing an affordable means of health and wellness to generations of Edmontonians since 1939.  We host the annual Edmonton Open Table Tennis Championships and Friday night weekly tournaments.  We hold four practice sessions a week and offer professional coaching at a world class facility.  We participate in the Active For Life program and partner with local schools to introduce table tennis to the next generation of Canadian youth.  Our motto is “Table Tennis For Life”.

(Updated April 15, 2015)

About J. Kim

Writing about #YEG table tennis happenings. Former nuclear submariner and avid table tennis player. Play ping pong & participate in the world's most popular sport.
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